domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Social Media: guia para executivos

An Executive Guide to Social Media

How smart companies are using Twitter and Facebook—and what's next on the horizon

  • Jeff Jarvis: Openness and the Internet

    As our social lives, business, and government become more transparent via the Internet, there are benefits for anyone who wants to create and connect
  • Video: Jeff Jarvis on Tapping Social Media

    Jeff Jarvis, blogger, journalism professor, and author of What Would Google Do?, talks with Senior Editor Diane Brady about what executives need to know in the realm of social media
  • Jakob Nielsen Critiques Twitter

    Not everyone is hearts and flowers over Twitter. Web usability consultant Jakob Nielsen discusses the hazards and limitations of tweeting
  • Video: How I Use Twitter

    BusinessWeek Executive Editor John A. Byrne discusses how he uses the micro-blogging service Twitter and explains why he follows certain people

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